God Triumphant – Easter Message 2016

GoodOverEvilSometimes it’s hard to hear the good news over the bad news. On TV, online, or in print, it seems like the wrong, the hateful, the murderous, and the greedy, are the only ones who get coverage and attention. This letter is to remind you, that Good will always win and is always more abundant the evil, even if the media doesn’t report it that way. God always defeats evil. That is the Message of Easter.

In the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion, the leaders and the powerful, fearing Jesus’ message, call for his death. Those leaders then stir up the crowd to call for his death. In the face of that hate, even his closest friends are afraid to stand beside him. Even those who could provide a sober second though are swayed by the sheer weight of the hate filled masses. This is the weakness of our humanity, played out in its worst possible way. All this leads up to the torturous death of an innocent person. Humanity throws everything against God and kills Jesus. Yet, in that seeming defeat, through the resurrection, God achieves a resounding and irreversible victory. Easter tells us that nothing we can do will stop God’s will to proclaim the Good News to the world through Jesus Christ.

The Easter message is so important for us to hear and to be reminded of because evil and hate never stop.

the weakness of our humanity, played out in its worst possible way

It still happens today, innocent lives are ruined or crushed by war or by greed. Look at the conflict in Syria and the refugee crisis, or the awful series of decisions of leaders that poisoned the water and damaged the lives of the people of the town of Flint, Michigan. Evil, like a weed, like a mutating virus, will always find a toe hold. The lure of power and the seduction of greed can infect even the best leaders to turn fear into hatred and use it to stir up the masses. And in their wake the innocent suffer.

We are not perfect. We may sometimes make the wrong decisions, say things that are hurtful and wrong, even fall under the spell of the misled crowd. The disciples did themselves, in the face of evil’s terrifying hate, lose faith. Yet by Easter, by Christ’s Resurrection, they were and we are shown that God will always triumph, that even when evil does its worst. God’s love will overcome all that evil can muster.

God will always win. Always.

We need to be reminded that God will always win, so that we do not give up hope, and stop fighting for good, or be tempted to join with the evil. God will always win. Always.

The truth is that the world is filled with love and goodness. We all have people we love and care for, for whom we do many wonderful and loving things for each day. A kind touch, a encouraging word, we interact with people whom we freely share ourselves and our resources. In our world, the rain falls and the sun shines on all of creation regardless if it is weed or flower so that all things have life. Evil can not match the power and magnitude of God’s Goodness.

I hope you join with me in celebrating Easter Day and that together we may be reminded, strengthened, and renewed in our faith to proclaim, above all, the love of God in the Good News of Jesus Christ.


The Rev’d Canon Rob Park