summer2015churchAt St. George’s, we continue the tradition of taking a offering during our worship services on Sunday morning, and so putting your donation on the offering plate at church is always an option. That said, folks give financially in may ways, yearly, weekly, monthly, through pre-authorized giving by debit or credit.


Another long standing tradition is to offer your gift by using an pre-printed envelope. At your request, the church can provide you with a box of envelopes that are intended to be used weekly. You are also assigned a personal “Envelope Number” to help attribute your donations through the year. You can request church envelopes by emailing or calling the church office.


As we conduct more and more of our financial transaction digitally, the use of Pre-authorized Giving or Pre-authorized Donation is become more popular in use. Fortunately, our diocese helps local parishes by providing the ability to give regularly directly from your bank or by credit card (some folk like the idea of collecting rewards on their  credit cards).  You can support St. George’s by Pre-Authorized Giving by going to the diocesan website here: or by completing this form.

A Pledge

In 2016, we have re-introduced the invitation to make an annual pledge. In this way members are encouraged to express their support for the ministry and mission the church for the upcoming year. Pledging helps us to prayerfully consider what we intend to give back to God from our personal harvest, and it helps the church plan and be confident in working toward the goals of growing our proclamation of the Good News. You can make your pledge by requesting and completing a pledge form or by filling out one online here:

What you are supporting

IMG_0296-0St. George’s is a community of active Christians in Georgetown, Ontario. With over 150 years history of serving the community, St. George’s continues to strive to make a difference in lives of all who live and work in our growing town. Our three gatherings for Sunday worship, our Thursday morning service, and monthly “Messy Church” reflect the diverse ways we express our public faith from very traditional to casual contemporary.

At St. George’s, it  is how we live out our faith in our everyday that is more important to defining who we are, than getting too caught up in one style of worship. All the good people who come to St. George’s are encouraged to reflect their faith in what they do every day of the week. Together our ministry reaches out to help support other local projects that do good work, like the Halton Fresh Food Box program and the Open Door Youth Center. Individuals from St. George’s offer care by providing pastoral visiting of the sick and shut-in, support parents with young children, or are active as volunteers at other important community groups like Scouting and a local Cancer support service group.

If you would like to support this important work you can do so at this secure website hosted by The Diocese of Niagara of which our church is a member. You can also contact us directly at using the information provided on our contact page.

Thank you for your support