Thank you for supporting St. George’s and our ministry and mission in Halton Hills.

One Time Gifts and Memorial Donations

If you would like to make a one time gift from your credit card we recommend making your donation securely through our diocesan website or via Paypal from our home page. 

Donate through our diocesan website


Both PayPal and the diocesan website have a place to designate your donation as “In Memory of” or “Memorial Donation.”  Please be sure to add the name of the Person in whose memory the donation is being made in the additional notes section.

Note: (as a charity PayPal charges St. George’s 1.6% plus $0.30 for every donation. You will receive a tax receipt for your full donation amount.)

E-transfers accepted to email address. No security question required. It is auto deposit. 

Monthly or Regular Donations

If you would like to make a reoccurring gift from your credit card or directly from your bank account we recommend making your donation securely through our diocesan website (Please be sure to choose “Georgetown – St. George’s” as the parish).

By Credit Card

Credit Card donations can be done using the online form here:


Directly from your Bank Account

Pre-authorized Donations from your bank account can be setup with this form.

A helpful guide for using the diocesan donation site can be found here.

How Your Donations Help

St. George’s is a community of active Christians in Georgetown, Ontario. With over 150 years history of serving the community, St. George’s continues to strive to make a difference in lives of all who live and work in our growing town. Our gatherings for Sunday worship, our Thursday morning service, other seasonal gatherings and community activities reflect the diverse ways we express our public faith from very traditional to casual contemporary.

Together our ministry reaches out to help support other local projects that do good work, like the Halton Fresh Food Box program and the Georgetown Bread Basket, and Community Living. Individuals from St. George’s offer care by providing pastoral visiting of the sick and shut-in, support parents with young children, or are active as volunteers at other important community groups.

Thank you for your support!