IMG_0430When we are Baptized we become a member of the Christian family, we join others in getting to know God and to understand what it means to be loved by God.  Baptism is not an isolated event, but is the beginning of our journey.  Without coming together with others, learning from and with each other, sharing our stories, exploring together, supporting and encouraging each other, then the power of Baptism is lost.  Parents and Godparents make that commitment for us if we are Baptized as babies or children, but we are required to make it our lifelong quest as Christians.  Our goal as Christians is to grow into the person that God created us to be.

Just to clear up some misconceptions about Baptism:

  • It is not a requirement to be accepted into heaven.
  • It is not a cart blanche to do whatever we want because we are Baptized.
  • Godparents are not automatically considered as your child’s guardian if something should happen to you, that is legally covered in your will.
  • Godparents are to help the parents nurture the faith of your child.

baptism-761409God loves all God’s creation equally, whether one is Baptized or not.  Baptism is a sign that the person Baptized is willing to learn about what it means to be a follower of Christ and that the Christian community is there to support that person, that is why Baptism is done in Church, surrounded by one’s Christian family.

Baptism was given to us by Jesus, as a sign that Jesus journeys with us.

For more information about Baptism please contact The Rev’d Nancy Rowe with the following form:

 For those preparing for Baptism, a copy of our Baptismal Information Form is available to download here: Baptism Form.