Outstanding Leadership for Ministry

This is the vision of the Diocese of Niagara for this diocese and for St. George’s in the area of Outstanding Leadership for Ministry:
Lay and clergy leaders in the Diocese of Niagara, working together in partnership, nurture disciples and make new disciples who follow Christ passionately and live out God’s mission in the world.
St. George’s leadership understands the importance of both working together and working to grow in skill and ability. We are always looking for new ways to strengthen and improve our leadership abilities.

New In 2012

Wendy Lovely Visits Kay

Pastoral Care Team Training

One of our important lay ministries at St. George’s is carried out by our Pastoral Care Team. Their goal is to strengthen and spread a web of care that reaches across our community. In the past our Pastoral Care Team and leader, Wendy Lovely, have had instruction from other pastoral care providers and Parish Nurses. In 2012, our pastoral care team coordinator and a few members our team attended the “Circle of Friends” dementia and Alzheimer information series given by the Hamilton and Halton Alzheimer Society held in May here at St. George’s.

Theology Students

In the last ten years, St. George’s has been a part of the train of a number of people seeking ordination. And St. George’s has benefited from their presence and ministry as much or even more. Each student brings a new perspective and an energy to the ministry of St. George’s and we learn from them as much as they from us. This ministry is a great benefit to the those who are training for ordained ministry and is an important contribution to the future leadership of the Anglican Church. In 2012, St. George’s had the opportunity to provide a place for theology student, Dan Cranley, and privilege to be ministered to by him during his time with us.

Vital Church Planting Conference

Also in early 2012, Canon Rob Park, The Rev’d Nancy Rowe, Sue Graham, and Jan Lehman attended the Vital Church Planting Conference held in Toronto. The guest speaker was The Rev’d David Male who focused his presentation on the Mission-shaped church.

Ongoing at St. George’s

Messy Church Conference in England

In February 2011, The Rev’d Nancy Rowe attended the “International Consultation on Messy Church” held in Abingdon England. This gathering helped Nancy connect with both the founder of Messy Church, Lucy Moore, but also other Messy Church leaders from many of the places around the world that Messy Church has spread. Nancy wrote this article which was also printed in our diocesan newspaper.
Nancy has been working hard here in Canada promoting Messy Church. Along with Sue Kalbfleisch, the Messy Church Regional Coordinator, they have been putting on Messy Fiestas for folks interested in learning more about Messy Church.

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