Good Friday – God is at Work, loving, caring, and supporting.

Our world is in need and so God is already at work, loving caring and supporting.

I have talked about the ways folks in our parish have be working to keep each other connected and supported during this period of required separation. Especially, the calls folks are making to those who are alone in this isolation and are able to stay as connected with technology like many of as are becoming out of necessity.

In our prayers, in our expressions of concern, solidarity, and support, God is at work.

The ringing of the church bell is bringing comfort and unity to the neighbourhood around our building, even as it stands empty. The same for the three crosses out front, draped so powerful with coloured cloth. The gospel message is proclaimed.

God is at work.

I wanted to let you know about another one of those ways that God is already at work. It is through people like Alice Strachan and others like her who are helping sew personal protective equipment, like isolation gowns and surgical caps, to provide need protection for frontline staff as the demand increases. They have help from people, businesses, and local organizations and they are looking for others to help and if you are interested, check out the Facebook group page that was setup to help coordinate the effort.

God is most definitely at work in them, too.

Easter is the most important celebration of our Christian celebrations. And today, Good Friday, is under normal circumstances another important part of our spiritual preparations for Easter. But this year our preparation for marking Easter Day is very different, because God has even more important work to be done. And because of this our worship and celebration of who and what and why Jesus came, died and was resurrected, will be observed differently than pervious years, still in prayer, and yet importantly also in service to and in love of others.

God is at work.