Lent 5 – A Video, our Church Bells, and Virtual Palm Crosses

This is our third Sunday without Sunday Church Services due to COVID-19. The church building is quiet other than myself and a few others doing a daily walk through of the church and bringing in the mail from the mailbox. But that doesn’t mean that St. George’s is not making our presence know among our community and congregation.

Sunday Prayers and Message

This is this week’s video of prayers and a short message.

The readings for this Sunday can be read here and the message is based on John’s Gospel, chapter 11, verses 1 to 45. It is the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead.

“Called to Care”

While I am home, I’m spending a lot of my time making calls and responding to emails. It is wonderful to hear the support folks are giving to each other and their neighbours, as we find ways to care and stay connected to each other. It is also encouraging to check in with Wendy Lovely to hear about how active and supportive our “Called to Care” ministry has been. Thank you to Wendy for helping folks connect with each and stay feeling connected during this isolating time.

Church Bells Ringing the Hour

This week, the church received an email from someone in town who really liked hearing the bells at noon and six and wondered if we considered putting them on more often during while folks are staying home. I thought it was a brilliant suggestion, so I emailed her back and thanked her for the suggestion

The church bells are now ringing out the hour from 9am to 6pm. There are still three hymns that play after the noon and six bells as per usual. During this time when we are keeping our distance and staying at home, the sound of the church bells will reach out and connect our neighbours together and remind us of the normal patterns of daily life.

Virtual Palm Crosses

The order of palms for our the palm crosses that we usually make for next Sunday arrived. Obviously, we can’t make them and distribute them under the current circumstances.  But Janet Armstrong, has offered to make palm crosses for folks who wish to have one made. She will fold it, label it and email a picture of it to you. It’s a virtual palm cross. What’s more, we will bring all the labeled palm crosses to the church for Easter. We cannot gather but our palm crosses will, and I will take a picture of them all together and share it Easter Day. Thank you, Janet!

Virtual Palm Crosses. Janet will make them and send you a picture of your.  I will share a picture of them all gathered together on Easter Day.

Share What’s Up

On Wednesday, Sue Graham invited folks to share a photo from our self isolation. What project are you working on to keep you occupied and well, while you are staying home? Have you knit an arm of a sweater, completed a puzzle, tidied and organized your garage, read a great book, or started a new hobby? Parishioners are invited to send Sue a picture we can share in the weekly email bulletin at office@stgeorgesgeorgetown.com

Hey, if you haven’t signed up for St. George’s Email Bulletin you can do it by following this link.

Lastly, God Bless our Diocesan Bishop, Susan Bell, as she continues to live streaming on Facebook a service this morning at 10am. You are welcome to join with Anglican’s across our diocese who will be tuning in.

Have a blessed Sunday and be well.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev’d Canon Rob Park

For further information about our Diocesan response to the COVID-19 outbreak visit the Diocesan Resource Hub