St. George’s – COVID-19 Update

Update, March 14: Church Services Suspended

Our parish prays for the well-being of all in our community and all people across the globe during the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. George’s is working in full compliance with the protective and preventive measures and policies provided by our Bishop informed by information from Canada’s Public Health Officials

As part of our response to the reality of the spread of this virus, our diocese and parish are working along with all Canadians to protect against and to slow its spread, on Sunday March 8, this letter from the Bishop was read outline our response with mandated hygiene practices and policies design to keep us safe.

In addition, on March 11, a new letter was issued that suspended the “Common Cup” at Communion services.

This is a evolving response from our church which is informed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

This post will be updated with any changes as we proceed, but parishioners are also encouraged to check the Diocese of Niagara Website and the Public Health Agency of Canada for the most up to date information.