Google never forgets

Google never forgets.

If it is published online, it’s pretty much searchable.

This is great when you want to know who came in 2nd in the 1955 Pan American Games in the 100 metre Freestyle event. But it also means that your name can be attached to a life mistake or simply a questionable photo and be published online. And it will be there, searchable, forever.

Google never forgets. And Google will never have love, show mercy, acknowledge the penitent, and never, never forgive.

In our Lenten Study this year at St. George’s, we will be reflecting on Henri Nouwen’s book, “The Return of the Prodigal Son.” This book is about forgiveness and the power of God’s love. Nouwen intertwines the well know parable from Luke’s Gospel, his experience of encountering Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal’s return, and his own physical and spiritual homecoming among Toronto’s L’Arche Daybreak community.

Through Nouwen’s intimate and powerful reflection on the parable, the painting, and his experience, we will have the opportunity to honestly and faithfully reflect on the many facets of forgiveness, including our need for forgiveness, and the power of being forgiven.

There is a great need today to be in relationship God who proclaims forgiveness as we live in this increasingly unforgiving, data driven, and surveillant society. Google never forgets, and still God’s mercy provides forgiveness.

Our study runs for 5 Thursdays in Lent beginning March 5 and ending April 2. There are two opportunities to attend, one at 11am and another at 6pm. The book is available online or ask about a copy at the church office.