Christmas Flowers 2018

The Christmas Flowers are given to the Glory of God and

For the Congregation & Clergy

by Judy Rasanen

In Celebration & Gratitude for the safe arrival of Hope Michelle Gorski

by Kathy & Rick Gorski

In Memory of her Parents, Florence & Tom Eason

by Margaret Felce

In Thanksgiving for Family & Friends and I Memory of Loved Ones

by Jonquil & Bernard Hockley

In Memory of Tom & Betty Parry and George & Freda Service

by Roseanne Filter & George Service

In Thanksgiving for Grandchildren

by Len & Wendy Lovely

In Memory of our Parents, Rob & Grace Wickens and Norman & Win Moon

by John & Jan Wickens

In Loving Memory of Ken Tazzman

by Helen Tazzman

In Loving Memory of their Parents, Kathleen & Peter Oxbjorn

by Joan & Wayne Brading and Jeanette & Steve Waters

In Loving Memory of Jennifer Armstrong Eckert

by the Armstrong / Eckert Families

In Celebration of Christmas by:

Jan Costain

Kathleen Bellinger

Barbara Phipps

Audrey Houston

Ellen Norton