Messy Church marks Advent Season

Messy Church this month is November 9. The theme is Advent. We have some great crafts and a special take home craft. This month we will be having fish and chips with veggies. Why not invite a family to join your family this month at Messy Church?

It is the beginning of November and yet the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and music. Santa is making his appearance in the malls and the advertising is in full swing. The commercial world certainly knows how to prepare for the buying frenzy that the secular world calls Christmas.

For us the time before Christmas is called Advent and is also a time for preparing. We are called to patiently wait in expectation for the coming of Christ. We are called to prepare a place in our hearts, to create a manger so to speak, for the Christ child. We are to make in this time and space of business, a place of quietness and thought. We are to embrace peace, live in hope, focus on the simple joys that surround us and love and allow ourselves to be loved.

One way to carve time in your busy day to do just that using an Advent wreath. Here is a link to an easy way to use and Advent Wreath in your home.