Commissioned Nativity Sculpture Progressing

Rick Gorski

Update: The Nativity figures are now installed. Read more here.

St. George’s Anglican Church, Halton Hills has commissioned the Ontario sculptor, Robbin Wenzoski, to create hand carved life sized wooden figures of the Nativity, for display on the front grounds of the Church during the Christmas season.

The wood for these sculptures has been repurposed from damaged or old growth native provincial trees, otherwise left for other purposes or to decay. It provides nature’s original creations a second life.

The sculptures are easily recognizable and have significant artistic detail to be appreciated by the community as a legacy from St. George’s and whose natural beauty complements our historic church,  traditions, grounds and place of worship that have been a landmark since 1852.

Robbin Wenzoski (right) and his wife with Robbin’s sculptures.

St. George’s desires to create an ongoing annual Christmas community celebration that draws from the congregation and our community at large, to understand, appreciate and enjoy the telling, and representation of the Christmas Story – the Good News which fills within us the sense of community and Christ.

In our first year, the Nativity Scene will display the three central figures: Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. These life size realistic figures in an authentic setting communicate the Christmas Story through its presence and streetscape profile, and through a planned re-enactment of the Christmas Story involving members of the church and community.

Doug Penrice, Rick Gorski, and Len Lovely work on the platform for the Nativity.

The sculptures provide a meaningful and tasteful visual impact of the nativity and will be displayed on the front grounds of the Church during the month of December.

The Three Wise Guys (Rick, Doug, and Len) pose with the work in progress.

The figures will be housed inside a basic rustic stable type and illuminated at night. All are welcome to visit. For further information please contact the Church office at 905 877-8044 or by e-mail below.

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  1. So beautiful. Absolutely stunning. We should all be proud to have this “wow” message on display.

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