Contemporary Service Renewed and Reimagined

We are beginning a renewal of our contemporary worship at St. George’s.

Beginning Sunday, October 7, our contemporary worship will be held twice a month on the first and third Sundays of the month at 11:15am in the church.

Our change in frequency is intended to reflect the reality of modern attendance patterns and to focus our attendance and volunteer support of the worship, music, teaching, and hospitality.

I am very grateful for the support, engagement, and enthusiasm that was reflected in our two community meetings, in conversations had, and through email. The process made clear our community’s desire to uphold the less formal and more relaxed style of worship and gathering.


The hope expressed from our meeting is that those who do attend would be able to commit to attend more regularly if the service was held less frequently. Modern church attendance has moved away from weekly to more monthly basis. Our community can be made richer, our worship more powerful, and our bonds stronger when we worship all together.

Folks also expressed that they would be more willing to commit to assist in supporting the worship and community by volunteering if the commitment was less frequent.

I am encouraged and excited by our decision, the sense of renewal, and the enthusiasm that was present in our discussion.

Our next contemporary worship will be on October 7 and it will be held with an added expression of thanksgiving!


The Rev’d Canon Rob Park