Refreshment and Restoration found in Worship

Our lives are busy and have numerous demands that compete for for our time and energy. Our need to eat, sleep, work, and play all require there place in our daily life. Our relationships of family, friends, and colleagues are important to us and need our attention. And a followers of Christ, we have the promise of our faith to strengthen us, but we also have the added challenge of demonstrating Christ’s teachings and example in our lives. There is a lot going on.

So finding a place in our life to set aside to recharge, reflect, and refocus is incredibly important.

We could just sit quietly for hour and experience something as powerful and meaningful. Yes we could, and daily personal prayer and quiet meditation is encouraged for every Christian.

One of the goals of our Christian community is provide a place and time for that powerful and meaningful experience to happen. The intentionally of providing our weekly worship and the liturgy of our rites is to help open and guide us to receive the awesome grace God desires for us.


Modern life is challenging and fast paced. It is easy to get caught up and heading directions we never intended. With the gifts of repentance and forgiveness, reflection and prayer, community and communion, a short time of Christian worship at church each week is great opportunity for you to find refreshment and restoration.

Come and worship this week.