Most People are Good People

I just want to remind folks that most people are good people.

It is true.

I know, I know, I read the news too and it certainly feels like it is pretty much chuck full of the rotten things people do to other people.

But turn off the news and the fear mongers for a second.

Think happy thoughts!

Ask yourself how many bad, or even a little mean, people did you personally meet this week? Not too many, if any, right?

Now stop and consider how many people you met who were good, nice even? You probably even met a few folks who were even kind to you.

When we hear about terrible things that people do to each other, don’t let that get you thinking that is the way it is with everybody. Do not let a few well publicized stories of “people acting terribly” harden your heart from seeing all the good people that are around you.

Most people are good people.