Celebrating Nancy’s Ministry

Nancy began at St. George’s as a theological student in January 2007. At our vestry meeting that February, Nancy Rowe reported on the introduction of the “First Steps” program & an brand new initiative to Canada from England, Messy Church.

In January 2008, at our vestry, we decided to hire Nancy part time, to assist liturgically in the life of the parish, and also to continue to build our ministry to families she began as a student.

As an ordained priest, Nancy has ministered to us liturgically in the fullness of our Anglican tradition. Her presence officiating and celebrating each week displayed her care, leadership, and faithfulness. Nancy’s monthly preaching and Thursday reflections, brought her thoughtfulness and love of scriptures, even the Old Testament, to our meditations. Her voice has broadened our understandings of the scriptures.

Nancy celebrates the Eucharist at the altar at St. George’s.

Her liturgical leadership has also enhanced our worship and in particular our parish celebrations of Maundy Thursday and All Saints/All Souls Day worship.

All these things have made Nancy an important part of our worship together as a parish community.

Nancy presence has also allowed us to expand our ministry and extend our reach into the community.


She took the lead on our Baptismal ministry, meeting young families and preparing them for their children Baptism. She followed up with them with the first steps program, and offering them the opportunity to gather for community, worship, and a meal at Messy Church.

The has lead our Vacation Bible School Nancy literally stood out on the street and promoted the Kid’s Camp and St. George’s at the Saturday Farmers market for a number of summers to get things started.

She didn’t accomplish all these things on her own, because she has had a great team of volunteers to help shape, grow, and make these ministries possible. But Nancy has been their champion.

Nancy baptizing at our 11:15am service.

And in being a champion, it is not surprising that her success gained wider notice. Messy Church has been a blessing to St. George’s, but Nancy has also helped it become a larger blessing to our diocese and the whole country. Nancy has been a champion of the this fresh expression of our Christian Faith and mission to the families of our community.

But I want to bring us back here, to this community where Nancy has made her home. And say to you, thank you for ministry among us.

In all things, Nancy, you have been a reflection of Christ caring.

You have been a pastor to many, offering you ear and spiritual guidance. You have met with grieving families and officiated at the funerals of their loved ones. You have visited home, hospital, hospice.

In the eleven years that you have exercised your ministry among us, you has touched all our lives.

That’s why we are here to celebrate your ministry at St. George’s.

We celebrate Nancy Ministry.