2018 Easter Flowers

The Flowers in the Church this Easter are given to the Glory of God and

In Loving Memory of her Parents, Florence & Tom Eason, given by Margaret Felce

In Loving Memory of Tom & Betty Parry and George & Freda, given by Roseanne Filter and George Service

In Loving Memory of Peter & Kathleen Oxbjorn,

given by Wayne & Joan Brading and Steve & Jeanette Waters

For the Love of their Grandchildren, given by Len & Wendy Lovely

In Loving Memory of John Rankin, given by Cathy Rankin

In Loving Memory of their Loved Ones,

given by Eleanor Burke, Doris Doyle, Helen Mossop

For Family & Friends, given by the Rasanen Family

For the Love of Family & Friends, given by Kathleen Bellinger

In Loving Memory of Ian & Enid Farrar and John & Mayva Reaume, given by John & Linda Reaume

In Loving Memory of their Parents, given by Jim & Dora DeLaat

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