New Parking Lot Complete

The rough places have been made smooth. Our aging parking lot has been a long delayed project at St. George’s and it is now completed. We have a newly paved parking lot which we will be using this Sunday.

Brian Burton and Mark Kohler on site on paving day.

We are grateful for the help of Brian Burton, who helped us get our quotes and who supervised and guided the project on-site. Brian has over 40 years of experience in the paving industry and he ensured that everything went smoothly and turned out beautifully. Tony Finelli and Pacific Paving were great to work with and Tony and his crew did an awesome job.

We are also very appreciative of our Property Committee, Mark Kohler, Dan Gartenburg, and Kevin Sharpe. They undertook much of the planning and preparation that was required before the paving trucks could arrive. All kinds of things had to fall into place for this project to happen so smoothly and these three fellows made it happen.

Mark, Dan, and Kevin help clear the fence line.

On the Saturday, before the paving was to begin they planned a property clean up day and with the support of a great group of volunteers, we did both some fall clean up and also prepared the property for the paving work. We moved the old shed that holds the lawn tractor to a temporary location behind the church. And with a rented wood chipper, cleared all of the bush along the fence line so the heavy paving equipment could do its’ work.

This week with the paving going on, folks that use the church during the week, both church groups and outside groups have had to adjust or postpone activities. Everybody was great about the inconvenience, as it was very obvious how necessary the repairs were.

We even moved the Thursday morning service. The Rev’d Aaron Orear and the good folks of St. Alban’s in Glen Williams, let us hold our service in their beautiful church.

Now, with the fresh asphalt cured and the newly painted lines having had time to dry, we get to park on our smooth, safe, and orderly parking lot this Sunday.

Of course, another big plus is that our new lot will be of great use this coming Saturday as we hold our annual Bazaar.

Thank you again to all who helped make this project possible. We are still inviting donations to help us with the cost of the project and we are grateful to all who have made a contribution.


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