Giving Thanks For Our Blessings

This week I was out taking Thanksgiving Home Communions with the help of Wendy Lovely, who coordinates our great group of Pastoral Visitors. We visited a number of folk who are not able to come to church for their Thanksgiving communion. On our visits, I was encouraged by those folks’ willingness and ability to name their blessings. It is a testament to the great faith of those I visit, that illness, age, infirmity, and circumstance does not lessen their ability to acknowledge the blessings God has given them.

reflecting on and naming our blessings makes them even more powerful

And as we talked about and named our blessings I realized that reflecting on and naming our blessings makes them even more powerful and precious. And when we hold them up to God to give God thanks for them, then like the healed leper who came back to Jesus to give thanks, we become doubly blessed by them.

IMG_7851I hope you take the opportunity to recall and name your blessings this weekend. You won’t be surprised to have me encourage you to come to church this Sunday, and give thanks to God for those blessing with your Christian family (our services are at 8am, 9:30am, and 11:15am!).

We collect every week non-perishable food items for the Georgetown Bread Basket, but this week is always a good week to share some of the bounty we have received with those who need it.

The Rev’d Canon Rob Park