Choosing Good

img_8002smA mother was in to see me about her daughters upcoming baptism this week, and in talking about the service and the meaning of the baptismal vows that are so important for baptism. I reminded her that the vows that we take for ourselves off on behalf of those being baptised are about us promising to choose to good over evil. Also, I reassured her that baptism’s promise of forgiveness helps us to follow Jesus by always giving us a way to come back and choose good, even when we have made a mistake. And that our baptismal vows, reminds us that we have chosen to follow the example of Christ in our lives.

Everyday, we have a choice between Good and Evil.

Everyday, we have a choice between Good and Evil. Everyday we have a choice to follow Jesus or not. It might be a big choice that impacts life or death, but most days it won’t. It will most likely be a small choice between giving of yourself to another or to keep your love or support to yourself. But it is important that we recognize that we are making those decisions everyday.

When you go to church to worship your are making one of those choices. Choosing to go to church you are spiritually nourished and your faith strengthen.

If we are to follow Christ in our lives and live a life that is Christian, then our decisions and choices will be shaped by our faith and our desire to live out your baptismal vows. We will recognize good from evil and choose to act and speak in ways that are