Lenten Study: Theology of Money

coinsOur two evening Lenten Study, on the Theology of Money begins tonight Wed. March 15 from 7 to 8:30pm.

In our study we will be discussing the concept of money from our contemporary Christian perspective and it’s impact on what we value and how our society and culture determines value. We will also discuss how our economic system exaggerates the inequality between people. Our reading and discussion will help us clarify our own thinking about money and what is of value, and how our faith impacts how spend, save, and treat money in our life.

Our reading and guide, “On the Theology of Money”, published by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada and available to download from the Anglican Church of Canada website.

The Faith, Worship, and Ministry committee in the 2010-2013 triennium paid attention to some of the questions around money and economic systems that the 2011 Occupy movement raised. This excellent study document was produced in 2016 from the work done by the members of the Faith, Worship, and Ministry Task Force on the Theology of Money.

Our second session will be held Wednesday March 29 at 7pm at the church.

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