Sunglasses and Stained Glass

The window that has been removed for the repairs.

Recently at the 8am Sunday Worship, along with picking up a copy of the Book of Common Prayer to bing into church you might also need to bring along a pair of sun glasses. While repairs and a upgrade are being made to a window above the altar, the stained glass has been removed leaving only an aged piece of plexiglass. Sunglasses can be required equipment as the morning sun often streams through the east facing window bathing the church in golden light.

There are always small to medium sized projects happening when you have an older building. Many of them are less noticeable and much less glamorous, like leveling the small sag in the hall’s concrete floor or replacing the hinge on glass door to foyer. There is always work to be done and List is always getting additions. Just ask the Property Committee (and give them a pat on the back for their hard work!)

charles dade portrait
Rev. Charles Dade

Right now it’s hard to miss the fact that we are working on the Reuleaux triangle shaped stained glass window depicting the elements of bread and wine of Holy Communion. It is a bit like a child missing their front tooth.

The window was originally installed when the current church was built in 1878, in memory of former rector The Rev’d Charles Dade who died in 1872. In 1921, when the sanctuary of the church was extended, the triangular window was positioned higher on the same wall, above the two new windows dedicated to those who died during the Great War.

St. George’s contacted Brian Metcalfe of Rainbow Makers Stained Glass from Barrie, Ontario who has excellent reputation for his work on just this kind of restoration and repair. (You can read more about Brian here in this article in The Creemore Echo.)

Brian Metcalfe of Rainbow Makers Stained Glass

The current work on the window and frame will both help protect this wonderful window, but also continue our work to make the church building more energy efficient. When completed the wood frame will be restored, the window remounted and, and a new exterior glass thermal pane installed with vinyl molding.

Until then, sunglasses may still continued to recommend for the early morning service.