In A Time of Election: Before We Vote

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.21.21 PMWhen we get a chance to cast our vote, we should take into consideration how our faith in Jesus Christ shapes where that vote gets cast.  Our vote is one of many small ways that we take action in the world in Christ’s Name. In this civil act, we play a role in shaping how the country we live in is governed, this in turn shapes how our nation relates to it’s people, other nations, and the planet.

The federal parties try to focus their “message” on the things they think are important, like the economy (or hairstyles). The main steam media tries to add it’s own spin on the “message.” But you and I, as Christians, need to be able to think about how our vote in the election reflects the “message” of Jesus Christ. Slogans and headlines do little to illuminate how our vote will help us to better “love our neighbour” and bring about the kingdom of heaven.

An added layer of complexity, isn’t it?

The Anglican Church of Canada released a helpful resource for Anglicans to help us think, pray, and approach the 2015 national election. It is called Compassion, Justice and Reason: An Anglican Approach to Election 2015.

Among the issues highlighted in the election resource are:

  • Child poverty;
  • Overseas development assistance;
  • Peace in the Middle East;
  • Refugees;
  • Caring for creation;
  • Interfaith inclusion;
  • Justice and corrections;
  • Reconciliation;
  • Homelessness and affordable housing; and
  • Intergenerational inequalities

I think that you will find it a helpful resource.