God’s Promises Fulfilled 

  The next three Sunday’s are important celebrations because, together, they help us celebrate how God works through Christ and the promise of the Holy Spirit. These three Sunday’s together connect us as Christian’s past, present, and future to God, God promise, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

Next Sunday we mark the resurrected Jesus’ Ascension to heaven. We hear of the Jesus commissioning of the disciples and the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The following Sunday is Pentecost which marks the arrival of the promised gift of the Holy Spirit to the disciples.

And the next Sunday is Trinity Sunday during which we celebrate God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is the divine connectedness that Jesus, in John’s gospel which we have been reading recently in our Sunday readings, is giving us glimpses of with his language of abiding, loving, and relationships. 

These three Sundays are important to our faith because they help us to understand and see the continued connection made complete by and through the Holy Spirit. These Sunday’s explore these interconnected relationships hat real and present in the lives of Christ’s followers. The event of Jesus’ life on earth, his death, resurrection and ascension, is almost 2000 years distant to us today. Yet, the connection and work of the Holy Spirit, through those generations of christians who followed Jesus then and right up to today, made real the work and body of Christ, the universal church. In and through that same time those connections and spiritual relationships have keep our faith and the faith of generations of Christians alive and living.  

Over the next three Sundays we celebrate the promise fulfilled. A celebration that the “joy” of Christ may be in us and that through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and our connection to each other through the church, that our “joy” may be complete.