Vestry Meeting to be held March 1 at 11am

Our annual Vestry meeting will be held on Sunday March 1 at 11am, in the place of the 11:15 service. Here is my “Rector’s Report” and here is the link to full Vestry Report: 2015 Vestry Final.

2014music2014 was a year in which we held true to the good work and ministry that we do here at St. George’s in this community of Georgetown. The Rev’d Nancy Rowe’s ministry to families continues to be a very important part of the future of St. George’s. Also, I am grateful for the talent and hard work of Ron Greidanus with the diverse and wonderful music of this parish. We have welcomed new choir members at the 9:30 service and our 11:15 contemporary music continues to be a source of joy and worship.

We continue to be blessed at St. George’s with a caring team of pastoral visitors, who extend our church care to those who are sick and shut-in in our community through their visits. I give thanks to Wendy Lovely for the leadership of that team and for her help with the Home Communions I do at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

2014freshfoodboxIn 2014, I am proud that we have continued in our efforts to be good stewards of God’s Creation by continuing to provide support to the Halton Fresh Food Box program with both volunteers to help pack the box, but also by being a distribution center. I am also encouraged by the work of our fledgling Greening Group/Green Team.

We also hosted a number of very successful fundraising events in the church and wider community. Our Bazaar and the Antique Appraisal Show reached a wider community audience and were great a success. And the Time & Talent Auction and the Concert & Reception Fundraisers were a real celebration of the many talented people we are gifted with at St. George’s.

Our old buildings showed their age a little in 2014. We are all grateful to the work of our property committee and the loyal group of volunteers who keep our buildings clean and property maintained. Yet, with a church built in 1878 and hall that was built in the 1970’s their have been numerous issues arise, including some deterioration to the church foundation and of course the break down of the boiler in November. We continue investigate a possible partner to redevelop our property, which will help us utilize fully our property and buildings.

2014EasterThank you, as always, to the leadership of the warden’s Ian Oldaker, Paul Skuriat, Mark Kohler, and Paul Bryan, and our treasurer, Janet Armstrong. I would also like to express my ongoing appreciation of the work and ministry of Sue Graham as parish administrative assistant.

Thank you for the privilege and honour to be your parish priest.

The Rev’d Canon Robert W.A. Park