Family Ministry – December 2014

Greetings St. George Church Families,

​I suspect you are in the middle of the whirlwind that is the Christmas season, with shopping, decorating, parties, planning etc. It is a wonderful time but exhausting. Try to carve out some down time. some time to remember that this is a time to remember that we are again waiting for the coming of Christ into the world, as a newborn baby. It is one of those times when our spiritual life has a different understanding of reality than the secular world. The secular world sees time as a river that flows onward, never to return to what has passed. We talk about Christ who has come, is now and is yet to come. For Christians time has a fluidity that challenges our secular understanding.

Advent illustrates that idea perfectly.

In the busyness of our lives, in our preoccupations and the myriad of demands on our attention, we can set Christ ‘on the back burner’, even lose sight of the one who longs to be in relationship with us. Advent acknowledges that Christ has been with us, is with us, and calls us to reflect, refocus and to once again make room for the loving embrace of the one who offers us life in all its fullness. Preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus, the most wonderful of gifts, brings a depth and joy to this time, that no amount of festivity can ever match. Each year at this time I include suggestions for making an Advent Wreath part of your daily Advent routine to help you focus on this aspect of your preparations.

Advent is the shortest season of the Church year, lasting just four weeks. It is traditionally a time for quiet reflection and preparation for the birth of Jesus. People are encouraged to ‘prepare a manger in their hearts for the Christ child.”

Messy Church is December 10. We have a Messy Church tradition that for the December Messy Church we do our nativity pageant, with the parents of the ‘newest’ baby playing the role of the Holy Family. The costumes and props are all laid out and everyone gets to choose a part. Some years we have 5 or 6 Magi and only 2 shepherds, but it is all good. The nativity pageant is filmed and there is a copy for each family. Come and be part of the fun.

There will be no Spirited Study at the Shepherd’s Crook this month, but we will gather again in January at the Shepherd’s Crook for conversation over a ‘glass’.

Our Christmas services at St. George’s are:

​December 18:

  • ​7:00pm nine lessons and carols

​December 24:

  • ​5:00pm family service
  • ​​​​7:00pm traditional service (BAS)
  • ​​​​9:00pm traditional service (BAS)
  • ​​​​11:00pm Book of Common Prayer

​December 25:

  • 10:00am (BAS)

December 28:

  • 8:00am and 9:30am service only. Choose your favourite hymn at the ​​​9:30 service

​January 4:

  • 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:15am Epiphany

​I wish you joy this Christmas and a renewed sense of how much you are loved by God. I look forward to seeing you during this season.