Time & Talent Auction – June 1 (Updated)

IMG_3003Everybody has a skill or gift that they can share. St. George’s is holding a Time & Talent Auction on Sunday, June 1 at 12:30pm in the Parish Hall. From the riches of time and talent that we have available from the good people here at St. George’s we have plenty of good things to share for the benefit of the mission and ministry of the church. At the auction there will be lots of wonderful and helpful items up for auction.

The list of items are growing. Here is a sample:

  • 4 Meat pies
  • Computer tech help
  • Personal Parking spot
  • Knit a baby sweater
  • 3 hrs light housekeeping/errands/ironing
  • 2 fruit pies
  • Paddling in a sea kayak – 2 hrs
  • Basic sewing/repairs 2 hrs
  • Chocolate layer cake
  • Hand woven scarf or placemats or table runner
  • Butter Tarts 2doz.
  • Hand made wooden cross (scrollwork)
  • Assorted jams (6 one-cup jars)
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Homemade potato leek soup & homemade bread
  • Shrimp Bisque with Sherry and Cognac
  • Set of 3 jams: Raspberry-Red Currant Jelly, Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, & Apricot Jam
  • Set of 2 jams: Raspberry Jam & Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
  • Roast lamb supper for 5
  • Flower arranging 101(for up to 3 people)

For the first time this year, we will be opening up some items for early bidding through a silent auction. For more information about early bidding, the auction itself, or to offer a talent please contact the Karen Gibson using the form below or contact the church office at office@stgeorgesgeorgetown.com.