Celebrating 25 Years, Sue Graham

Sue's 25thFor 25 years, Sue Graham has been a very important part of the ministry here at St. George’s. First as the Parish Secretary, but over the years, as the role and culture has changed, now as the Parish Assistant. In those years, Sue has certainly seen many changes in the church and in her duties, from answering phones, running off copies of bulletins and vestry reports, folding letters, stuffing envelopes, to building our announcement slideshows and sending emails. She has also grown into the role and become as capable at handling general inquiries as she is able to be a welcomed first line of pastoral care. She has grown to love the people here at St. George’s, and we her.

On May 4th, we will be taking the time “in and and around” our Sunday Services to celebrate her contribution to the work and ministry of St. George’s. I hope you will join us this Sunday morning to help us show our continuing appreciation and thanks for her many years of service.