Family Ministry – September 2013

Greetings St. George’s Families,

I have just come back from a great vacation and I’m looking forward to the excitement of the year ahead.  Although not officially over, we are leaving summer behind and, just like your family, your St. George’s family is gearing up for the coming year.  School is starting, as well as the many activities that keeps families busy.  It is both exciting and exhausting, until things settle into a rhythm.  I hope that Church, be it Sunday services or Messy Church will be part of your schedule.

IMG_0428Church School has started again.  Church School occurs at the 11:15 service.  It begins at the back of the Church with a craft and some activity sheets.  During the sermon, the children leave for discussion and a snack.  Church School is led by a parent volunteer.  As a volunteer leader you are expected to prepare a simple craft, bring a snack and lead the discussion.  There is a helpful website with suggestions for both craft and discussion.  If you feel that you would like to be a part of the roster of parent volunteers just let me know (

Messy Church is September 11.  The doors open at 5:00.  The theme this month is The Sower.  A reflection on the theme is posted here.  We will be having lasagna and salad this month.  There are some cool crafts and we have a great activity that the kids will enjoy.  Can’t make it for 5:00? No problem.  Come when you can.  Have to leave early, that is fine too.  Come when you can, leave when you have to.

The Spirited Study is September 18, at 8:00 at the Shepherd’s Crook.  If you have an discussion idea for Spirited Study let me know.

Joseph talks about a painting that was brought in at our 2012 show.
Joseph talks about a painting that was brought in at our 2012 show.

On September 28 at 1:00 the Antique Appraisal Show returns to St. George’s.  If you something kicking around that you have ever wondered if it was worth anything, this is your chance.  Everything from family heirlooms to Aunt Patty’s bobble head Elvis are perfect.  The appraiser is knowledgeable, engaging and funny.  It costs $20.00 per article and includes tea and goodies.  Jewelry is excluded for appraisal. It is an entertaining afternoon and everyone is welcome. If you haven’t anything for appraisal, for $5.00 you can enjoy tea/coffee and goodies while you watch the event.

On September 29 there will be a Kid’s Camp Reunion.  The kids will be invited back to the 11:15 service.  They will participate in the service, sharing songs and participating in the talk.

Hope you had a great summer.  I look forward to seeing you soon.