2013 Summer Kid’s Camp Announced

We are bringing a global fair to the kids at our St. George’s Kid’s Camp, Everywhere Fun Fair: Where God’s World Comes Together!  You will become neighbours at Everywhere Fun Fair as together we explore God’s welcoming love and discover how Jesus teaches us to be great neighbours.  We join Godwin Merrifeather on adventures that include interactive Bible fun with stories like the Good Samaritan, catchy music, super science, a video visit to different countries around the world, cool crafts, games and snacks from different countries.  The fun starts on July 8 and happens from 9:00 -12:00 every day until July 12. We are planning a water gun fight on one day so get your water guns ready!  We are getting ready to have a lot of fun, but it will be even more fun if you are here.

The cost for the week is $35.00 and is for kids from 4 -9.

Registration forms are available here or from the office.