Family Ministry at St. George’s – November 2012

Greetings Church School Families,

After the glory of October’s brilliant fall display we enter the dreariness of these November days, Despite the short days and grayness, I hope that you are finding that there is still much to celebrate in God’s abundant blessings.

Church School this month features a Remembrance Day theme on November 11, Christmas prep on November 18, Why pray theme with a craft on November 25 and Christmas theme with a bell craft on December 2.

A wonderful ‘new’ St. George’s tradition is the Gourmet Dinner which will be on November 24 this year. The talented Yvonne Oldaker prepares an extraordinary feast that is to die for (see last years menu here). There is jazz piano and the hall is miraculously transformed into an inviting place to join friends for a meal. The cost is $100.00 of which a tax receipt for $75.00 will be issued at the end of the year. This tradition never disappoints and as a bonus it is a great fundraiser to support our ministry at St. George’s.

Baby Talk is every Friday from 10:30 – 12:30. Parents with children birth to mobile are invited to gather in the lounge for some time to share and to develop new friendships. There is a lactation expert available for consultation.

Messy Church this month is November 14. The theme is Jesus and the Storm. It is a story of fear and the power of God. The disciples and Jesus (who was sleeping, exhausted from healing and teaching) were in a boat on the lake when a sudden storm blew in. The disciples were fishermen and used to handling boats in storms, but this storm must have been a monster of a storm, for it was more than they could manage. The boat was about to be swamped and in terror, the disciples woke up Jesus. Jesus, the one who made the seas, spoke words into the wind and the storm ceased. The monster storm was muzzled by Jesus’ power.

The next PD Day Kid’s Camp is November 23 from 9:00 – 3:00. We will be jumping into the ocean of God’s love with Operation Overboard. The day includes games, crafts, snacks, lunch, an interactive science component, storytelling and lots of fun. Registration forms can be found online here or are available through the office (Monday afternoons or Tuesday to Thursday mornings) 905-877-8044. The cost is $20.00 per child.

The season of Advent is approaching. Novembers days are so short and darkness seems to surround us. The Church season of Advent, when we prepare for the coming of Christ, the wonderful light of God taking human form and coming into the world, happens during this time of increasing darkness. In our darkness is the bright beacon of this act of God’s overwhelming love for us. The season of Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends Christmas Eve. The first Sunday of Advent is December 2. A wonderful way of bringing the true meaning of Christmas into our life as a family is to make use of an Advent wreath during family dinner.

God’s blessings,