Upside Right

We live in an upside down world. We live in a world where companies can bottle water and sell it. Think about it.

  1. Take water.
  2. Put it in a bottle.
  3. And sell it.

Our consumer culture seems to work hard to try to mix up our sense of value. We live in a world where we are told through advertising that everything can be bought and sold, everything has a price tag or a value put to it. Because of this, we seem to have become accustomed to thinking about things in terms of dollars and cents. Yet deep down, I believe that there is a part of us that will always be unsettled by this. I think that is because when we look at the world through the lens of a price tag, it turns our world upside down.

Christ helps to turn things upside right. The truth is that the promise found in the good news Jesus teaches is nothing that can be sold or bought. The good news of Christ is freely given. There is no price. So when we hear this message or experience it in our life, it seems so out of place. It makes us stop and reconsider the upside down picture our profit driven world is trying to paint for us. In our consumer world “no price” and “freely available” means no value. What the “price tag” necessary world says is worthless, our hearts remind us is priceless.