Time and Talent Auction – Oct. 21 @ 12:30pm

The Time & Talent Auction was so much fun last year we are having one this year! On October 21st following the 11:15 am service here at St. George’s, we will be holding this years Time and Talent Auction. Once again, We have a real auctioneer who will run the auction for us. It promises to be great fun!

We are just beginning to get folk to sign up to offer their time or their talent, and we would love to have as many people from the parish offer something up for auction. As get closer to the date we will be putting up a list of what is being offered this year for you to bid on.

Last year, we had all kinds of wonderful things to bid on, like baking & cooking, catered meals, help around the home, hand made items like quilts and stained glass, or skill like speech diagnostics, and a chance to paddle in a sea kayak!

I am sure this years list of time and talent for auction will be just as amazing.