Kid’s Camp: Stories and Pictures

by The Rev’d Nancy Rowe.

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Kid’s Camp, entitled Operation Overboard this year, was a resounding success. We had 30 kids and 21 helpers. Most of the team have been a part of Kid’s Camp from previous years. The kid’s were equally divided from our Church family and the community. Several parents told me that the kids were in the car and waiting to go each morning, they were so looking forward to the days activities. On the last day we had a water gun fight for the older groups and there was a great deal of laughing and squealing. At the end, they were all pretty wet, but definitely cooled off!

this was the best Kid’s Camp yet

We have a group of volunteers that came in daily to serve the snack. One of them commented that it looked like everyone was having such fun that she wished she was 15 years younger and could join in. The team felt this was the best Kid’s Camp yet and they talked about how much they had enjoyed themselves as well.

I have met several of the kids at Farmer’s Market, parks and in the mall and they have come running over to say hi to ‘DC’ (my Operation Overboard title, DC being Dive Chief). They are already talking about next year.

Knowledge learned in the midst of laughter is knowledge firmly learned

Our children thirst for spiritual food. This year we had Bible Storytelling ‘guests’ who presented the story. It was great to see how engaged the kids were by the stories of Noah and Peter and the other people who are so much a part of our Christian story. The ‘guests’ were equally impressed on how interested the kids were and how much fun everyone was having. Knowledge learned in the midst of laughter is knowledge firmly learned I have always believed.