God’s Rain and Summer Stuff

Hello St. George’s Families,

​I hope by the time your receive this that we have had some rain. The drought is having a major impact on the farms and everything is looking pretty ‘burned’ at this point. A day of rain to soak into the thirsty soil would be good. Sometimes in our lives it can feel like we are in a drought. Thinks are not working out as we had planned and hoped and we feel besieged by set-backs and challenges. Opening our hearts to God, pouring out our anguish and disappointment can be like those first drops of rain on the thirsty ground. God longs for us to invite God into our lives.

​Rob is on vacation this month and will return, hopefully refreshed and recharged, in August. I will be taking my vacation in August and will return, also refreshed and recharged, before Labour Day.

Summer Services

​There are two Sunday services during July and August, at 8:00 and 9:30. At the 9:30 service, the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month are the traditional service and the second and fourth Sundays are the contemporary service. The 8:00 service is the quiet Book of Common Prayer service. The 11:15 service will resume in September.

Messy Church

​Messy Church will resume September 12.

Spirited Study

​The Spirited Study has elected to continue in the summer. We will be meeting at the Shepherd’s Crook on August 15 at 8:00 pm. Given how hot it has been we will be having a discussion on ‘hell’! Come share your thoughts freely. It promises to be an interesting discussion.

Kid’s Camp

​Kid’s Camp was a resounding success. We had 30 children enrolled this year. The theme was Operation Overboard: Diving Deep into God’s Love and we had a great time. It was wonderful to hear from the parents that the kids were excited and looking forward each day to coming. Kid’s Camp is for children 4 – 9, although we take three year olds who will be turning four in the summer and fall. Consider Kid’s Camp for your child next year. It is a great way to have fun learning about God and what it means to be God’s child.

Antiques Appraisal

​We have several fund raisers coming in the fall. The Antiques Appraisal event is returning to St. George’s, as is the Time and Talent Auction. Check out the St. George’s web site for dates and updated information (www.stgeorgesgeorgetown.com) or follow us on twitter @stgeorgesgtown.