The Holy Spirit Connects Us

This past Sunday we celebrated Pentecost Sunday. The day of the arrival of the Holy Spirit to guide the church. Its’ arrival transformed that tiny group of men and women who followed Jesus. It changed them from a bunch of cowards huddled together in a locked room, to a daring and outgoing team of evangelists, who picked up the torch to continue the work of spreading the Good News.

An important part of the work of the Holy Spirit is how it connects us. The Holy Spirit connects us individually with God, with others personally, and together as a community. When we here the story of Pentecost, it is often easy to focus on the how it changed, guided, and strengthen each of the individual disciples and gifted them new strength and abilities. Yet it is equally impressive how it transformed and empower the group.

The Holy Spirit is so important in pulling us together to do great and wonderful things. In our families and our closest relationships the holy spirit is at work in us when we are able to pull together to overcome differences. Or when we work together for the benefit of another person or the greater good.

In our community, I see our whole community work together for the “Walk for ALS” as the Holy Spirit at work. We have been successful guided in raising awareness of the needs of the people afflicted by this disease, the support that they and their families need, and the the need to fund research to treat and cure ALS. The walk has connected us to each other and inspired us to help others.

Lastly, the Walk for ALS is also a great example of the fact that God and the Holy Spirit is at work in the world. Their is no official church or Christian banner under which this walk is held. God doesn’t NEED the church to do every work, but it sure helps when the Christians recognize God’s handy work and lend a hand!

If you would like to support the Walk for ALS you can support our team captain, Wendy Lovely, online here. You can see our Team Page here.