Kid’s Camp PD Day this Friday!

In October we had our first PD day with 14 kids. The oldest was 9 and the youngest 4 and we had a great time. We divided into two groups and started the day by naming our group and making a banner. The theme for the day was Jesus’ Big Picnic (The feeding of the 5000) and fish and bread was featured throughout the day. We started off the day hearing the story. We made a fish from a CD and had fish and chips for lunch. In the morning we made bread from scratch which we set aside to rise while we did other things. We watched this cool thing with yeast in a bottle that made a balloon on the top of the bottle inflate. We played tag and had a treasure hunt outside. By the time we had run around and got tired out, we were ready to eat that hot from the oven bread. It was delicious. We took some home for Mom and Dad and they were really impressed! Everyone went home tired, but happy and looking forward to the next PD day in November.

In November the theme is The Whirlwind and the Calm (Jesus comes to visit Mary and Martha). We have two crafts we will be doing this time and Dora will be back with an exciting science activity. There will be outside games if it is a nice day or inside games. For lunch there will be yummy lasagna and fresh veggies. We will doing something new this time, creating our own version of the Shake It Up Cafe performance, ie. St George’s has Talent! There are already kids registered and you don’t want to miss out on the fun so register now (get the form here). See you on November 18.

The overall theme for all the PD days is a continuation of our summer Kid’s Camp, Shake It Up Cafe. The Shake it Up Cafe team including Scraps, Chip and Chef Basil are looking forward to seeing you ‘at the Cafe’.

The Shake It Up Cafe Team.