Wreath Sale Fundraiser

WreathsIt is that time of year for some families to start thinking of Christmas. Many people are interested in decorating their homes for the season and to that end we are selling Christmas wreaths.

The order form is available here. We ask that this order form and money (cheques payable to St. Geroge’s Church) be returned to the church no later than Sunday, November 6, 2011. We then send in that order and the wreaths will be delivered to the church on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. You can stop by to pick up your order during that week.

These beautiful, all natural, fragrant New Brunswick balsam wreaths are available plain (awaiting you own creative touch), sporting a red velvet bow, or complete with bow and festive decorations. Larger plain wreaths and cross wreaths are also available.

The wreaths should make a welcome addition to your home. Consider these products as a novel gift idea for clients, staff or relatives. Thank you again for your continued support of St. George’s Church.


Helen Vandermey
Deputy People’s Warden