Why Church Helps You

As I reflect on “Back to Church Sunday”, I can help but think about why it is important to go to church. An important part of the reason, is because being at a church service can help us discern and reflect on God’s Will. There are three forces, or powers, or determining factors that guide our life ourself, our world, and God. Each vies for authority in our decisions and actions, and each can shape our goals and direction. Being part of church, says that we think that God’s Will for our life is important.

An important part of going to church, is recognizing that the world around us is not quite right in the goals, values, and priorities that it holds up for us and tries to convince us are worthy. Something is not right when every company selling washing detergent to automobiles tell us theirs is the best. Something is not right when we are told that owning the newest and brightest of everything make us happy, only to be replaced ever following year by the newest model of the same product from the same company. Something is not right when every one of the thousands of new self-help book published every year offers us the secret to the perfect life, if we buy it, and yet people have to keep buying them every year. We go to church because we know that something is not quite right with the words they are selling.

An important part of going to church is that church reminds us that finding a trustworthy authority in our life is always just a cost-free prayer away. It is like the sun the rain, the wind and all God’s blessings to us. God puts no price tag on these blessings. And God’s will, the authority we are looking for in our Christian life, is like a gentle breeze or quiet hum. It takes a focused attention to keep aware of it and its’ direction, so we can stay on it’s course or follow it’s tune. Going to church gives us the opportunity to speak about God, hear about God, and reflect about God.

And Finally an important part about going to church is that church helps us form the community we need to help us find the strength to follow Gd’s Will for our life and to help us from being deceived. Our combined knowledge and our differing perspectives as a community help us to keep perspective on what we say and do. And when necessary, we can hold each other accountable. God’s guidance may be free, but it is not easy follow, partly because at the same time the world and it’s vices, and our own selfish wants, nag, tug, and try to convince us otherwise. It is hard not to get caught up in the world and ourselves. This world is always throwing something new in our direction, and if we are not careful and thoughtful and prayerful, we to can and will eventually be knocked off course.

Going to church can help us to keep on course and in tune with God’s Will.

Welcome back.