Sue attends S.N.A.P.

Hi All,

Just wanted to tell you about one of the ways that Sue Graham keeps up to date in her work here as the frontline persona and hub of communications at St. George’s. She belongs to a diocesan group called S.N.A.P. which stands for Secretaries of Niagara Anglican Parishes.

Sue attends their workshops which are usually held yearly, and has often been part of the coordinating team who puts them together and sets up the folks who come to make presentations.

Recently she attend a social event for S.N.A.P. and she is in some of the photos posted at the diocesan website with some of her peers from around the diocese. Check out the photos here:

Fore more about S.N.A.P.

Secretaries of Niagara Anglican Parishes (S.N.A.P)

The parish secretaries (front line ministers) have formed an association which is intended to support and offer continuing education to these very important ministers in our diocese.”

– From our diocesan website.