The St. George’s Saints WALK for ALS

Our Walk For ALS Team Website
Our Walk For ALS Team Website

On June 4th, members of St. George’s Church will field a team of walkers in Georgetown/Acton WALK for ALS.

This walk is an important way that our community can should our support and care for the people in our community with ALS and to support the families and loved ones who care for them. St. George’s is the home parish of Dr. Sutherland, and his family, who is living with ALS. We also have members whose families have also been impacted by this currently incurable disease.

It is easy to feel helpless in the face of such a disease, and although there are many small ways that we can help and support, the Walk For ALS in our community has become and important way for us to take action in two ways. One is that the Walk helps helps the families in our area with equipment and other costly support. And second, it raises funding to support research for a cure!

If you would like to help too, please follow the link to our Team’s website. There you can JOIN OUR TEAM and walk with us, or sponsor one of our team members on our walk. Either way is a great way help us to help others.