Mike Schuster to Visit and Sing

Mike R Schuster website
Mike Schuster's Website

I am very excited to tell you that we are having a visit THIS SUNDAY from special musical guest, Canadian Christian recording artist Mike Schuster. Mike was the leader of contemporary music at a Cheri Kelly’s brother’s church in Calgary, but this past week he was in Kitchener for the Gospel Music Association of Canada Conference. Since he wasn’t set to fly back to Calgary until Sunday night, we were able to connect with him and invite him to be with us for Sunday morning to be part of our church service. Along with recording great music, he does work promoting Compassion Canada and so, with Compassion Canada’s help he is coming to St. George’s. 

At both the 9:30 and the 11:15 services, Mike will show a video about the work of Compassion Canada, say a few words about its work and sing a song he wrote called “To The World”. At the 11:15 service he will also sig another song, as part of our service called “You Alone Are God”. 

Check out his website ( http://www.mikerschuster.com/ ) and follow the link to his MySpace page to hear some of his music. Youcould also check him out in itunes to hear some other samples.