Vestry Meeting held this Sunday

Info Graphic of 2010 for St. George's
2010 St. George's Georgetown

This Sunday is our annual Vestry meeting where talk about the work of the past year and look ahead to the next. Business meetings are not always the most exciting, so it can be hard to get too excited about Church Business meetings.  BUT, I still think our annual meeting here at St. George’s is pretty important. It is important because it gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse at the bigger picture of all the mission and ministry that we are currently doing at St. George’s. We can acknowledge it and celebrate it, and we can begin to see the areas where we need to push for growth. Being the church and proclaiming the gospel is a big responsibility and most folks, including ourselves, have high expectations of what we should be, and could be, doing in Christ’s Name.

Vestry is a great opportunity to hear about, read about, and talk about all of the many ways that we try to be true to following Christ in our changing and challenge culture and society. I encourage everyone who supports the work of St. George’s to be part of our annual Vestry. (A PDF copy of our vestry report is here.)

Vestry will be held following the 9:30 service. There will be no 11:15 service this week, but please worship with us at 9:30 and then stay for vestry. We are working hard to be as considerate of your time, and plan to finish around 12:30 pm.