The Strife is Over

In the great war between Good and Evil, Good has already won. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel that way in our lives, or when we turn on the TV or when we read the news. But we, as Christians, celebrate that in that the war between Good and Evil, Jesus won it at the Resurrection. That is why this we celebrated this past Sunday as The Reign of Christ or as we once called it, Christ the King.

Paul in the first chapter of his letter to the Colossians states how Jesus’ victory changed our place in the world when he writes, “He has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins” (1:13-14). An important part of the strength of our faith comes from knowing that death is not the end, and evil can not ultimately win. Often in our prayers during worship we are reminded of Jesus victory “over sin and death”. This too is meant to encourage us that if sin and death are defeated, then there is nothing left to be afraid of. Even taxes aren’t that scary when the power that sin and death has over us has been defeated.

Sometimes when all the bad things that happen in the world get played up by the media or those who profit from fear, we think, wrongly, that the war between good and evil is still to be decided. This is not true. Yes, there is still some kick left in the forces of evil in our world. There are still those who would have us give up on the promise of God’s Kingdom that is coming. Evil still has a few tricks up its’ sleeve, like doubt, fear and despair. Yet, deception is the only real power that evil has left. So evil’s “last kick” is to try to keep you from believing that Jesus has already won. But let me reassure you of the truth. God has won in Jesus. Good has won.

The Reign of Christ is a Sunday where we celebrate the truth that the victory is already won. No other power is powerful enough to stop God. No human sin of pride, greed, or deception can defeat God. Nor can even death stop the plan that God has in store for the world and for you as one of God’s children.