All Time Is God’s

All time is God’s; every second, hour, day, month, and year. Past and future. As a way to helps understand this, the Church marks the passage of time with a special yearly cycle of seasons and feasts. These repeating seasons encourage us, year after year, to grow in our relationship with God through Jesus. 
Over the course of each year, we read and hear scripture, pray prayers and sing hymns chosen to mark those seasons and feasts. Our yearly journey takes us from the joyful hope and preparation for the birth of Jesus in the season of Advent, into the hope and promise of Christmas, through the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, among the early followers filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and to the end of the church year.  This coming Sunday is that final Sunday of the church year. This Sunday we celebrate the reality that God is triumphant and that Jesus Reigns forever as we mark the Reign of Christ.
This pattern of the Seasons of the Church year is a treasure of the Anglican Church. It helps us, over the course of the year, to deepen our relationship with Jesus. His birth connects us to new beginnings of our lives, his suffering and sorrow connects to our sufferings and sorrows, and his teachings lead us to a better understanding of how you and I can face the challenges and joys that our everyday journey brings us.
All time is God’s.