Together we sing Amazing Grace

This past Sunday, like so many Anglican Church across Canada, the good folks here at St. George’s joined in song to sing an old favorite hymn. The singing of the hymn “Amazing Grace” in all these churches was intended to remind us God’s saving grace, as the words of the song remind us, and also to celebrate our unity as an Anglican Community.

The Unity focus itself was two-fold. Primarily, each singer in each congregation was invited to consider making a donation to help continue our Anglican support of proclaiming the Gospel in Canada’s more northern regions. Secondarily I think, in light of all over-emphasis on the things that some think should tear us apart, it was a opportunity for us to return our focus on God’s Grace which God gives to us all in equal amounts.

The inventive part about singing the same-old song of salvation on same Sunday, was the invitation to record it and post it on YouTube! And lots of churches and church groups from across Canada have done it. Check out the Amazing Grace Project website to see the videos and keep checking back here to see our two video’s from the 9:30 and 11:15 services. I’ll get them posted and embedded here as soon as possible.