New Crosses Installed

When the current stone church was built in 1878, the peaks of the stone walls on the east and west ends of the nave were adorned each with a stone cross, as was the stone wall of the entrance to the church basement on the Guelph Street side. These crosses are visible in many of the early photographs of St. George’s. In 1921, the sanctuary of the church was extended and the cross that was placed on the peak of that east wall has remained to this day, but the other three crosses had fallen or broken off at some point. No records of how or when that happened are found in our current records, although anecdotally, some believe that lightening was a cause. The design for the new crosses now on the peaks of the nave walls is a match to the existing cross on the sanctuary wall. The cross over the middle door is based the square cross design as seen in some of the early photographs of the former cross from that location.

In recent years, a desire had been voiced to replace the missing crosses with new ones. Much of the cost of restoring these crosses came from a memorial in remembrance of Mr. John Rankin, a former warden, lay reader, and member of the property committee. These crosses are a most appropriate gift from the Rankin family.