Waiting for the CBC podcasts

I know that this might seem like a funny off-topic distraction during Holy week, but I am waiting for the CBC to offer up a greater selection of their radio programs in Podcast format (Find out what a podcast is here at Wikipedia). It seems like they have had this posted on their podcast site for a long time…

It won’t be long! CBC Radio is expanding its podcast offerings. If you’d like to be the first to hear about these changes, please sign up below.

Why is this such a big deal? Because I have been having a great time listening to podcasts from all over the place already and I would like to be able to listen to some of my favorite CBC radio shows in the same way. Podcasting can turn your mp3 player (or computer) into a radio VCR or PVR, with what ever show you want to listen to ready when ever you want to listen to it.

Now most of the podcasts that I am listening to currently are discussion based and interview or feature based programs, like Ockham’s razor or The Spirit of Things on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), or In Our Time from the BBC, but I also listen to more music centered programs like the CBC Radio 3 podcast and a program called Soundcheck on WNYC (New York Public Radio).

Of course the best part is being able to choose when and where I listen to the programs, because when I put them on a mp3 player they can go where I go and I can pause them and pick up where I left off when I am ready to listen again. Plus, I have picked the kind of programs that I am interested in listening to. Personally, I am looking forward to hopefully adding “Ideas”, “Tapestry”, and “The Vinyl Cafe” from the CBC soon. I’ve been told, according to that dusty announcement on the website that “it wont be long..”

The Rev’d Robert W.A. Park