Rectory Comes Down

It is a day of mixed emotions today as the old house, that has been the home on most of the parish priests for St. George’s, came down. The house has been a home for priests and their families for much of the century that it has stood. Before the parish hall was built in the 70’s, the house also was the location for many parish functions and gatherings. It is because of these numerous memories that a certain amount of sadness is felt by members of the community as the building is knocked down.

Yet, the sadness is met by a stronger sense of resolve and acceptance of the necessary. A mold problem, the result of chronic water problems, caused the home to no longer be a safe place to live or work. The cost to fully address the mold problem made the decision to remove the building the best solution.

The single hydraulic excavator, operated by an experienced hand from Priestly Demolition Inc., made short work of the wood structure and its’ two brick chimneys. Many of the windows, doors and cupboards, were salvaged. The original staircase, banister, and staircase moldings were removed by the “Friends of Deveraux”with the hope that pieces from it may be used to help in the restoration of that historic property.

As the parish takes this difficult step, it is with the acknowledgment of the opportunity presented by the buildings removal. The church’s current parking lot will now be visible from the street. As well, the space where the house has stood will now provide a logical place to expand the church’s crowded parking lot.