Church School Serves Up Sweetness

Although you really didn’t need to be a grandparent to attend, being one certainly increased the joy of attending the afternoon “Grandparents Tea” at St. George’s on Sunday June 5th. Receiving all the kind attention of the courteous and polite church school children made for a very enjoyable afternoon for everyone present.
With the guidance of Dora Delaat, who teaches our senior class, guests were treated to a smartly decorated hall, heaping plates of squares, cookies and other sweets, and served tea and coffee. Mrs. Delaat help coordinate the activities, but most of the work was done be the church school students themselves, including composing a poem of appreciation that was then copied and given to each person in attendance.
The children worked hard all afternoon and were excellent hosts, ensuring that no one was ever without a hot drink and that everything at the tables was just right. They were excellent examples of service and it was clear that the children understood the joy of serving others. The event was successful not only for the opportunity of fellowship it provided, but for the opportunity of our church school children to learn for themselves more about this basic Gospel teaching.
The most difficult part for the papered “grandparents” was to not enjoy too many of the sweets.