Inviting others to celebrate Pentecost

This Sunday, May 8th, the members of St. George’s will be given specially printed door hangers are designed to help us invite our friends, family, and neighbours to join us on Sunday the 15th, the Day of Pentecost. This is just one part of the how St. George’s is responding to the Bishop’s Pentecost Challenge.

Pentecost is celebrated as the day when the Holy Spirit came down on Jesus Disciples, empowering them in proclaiming the message of Jesus. It is sometime referred to as the “Birthday” of the Church.

Special music is being provided by the Parish Choir at the 9:30 service and every member is being encouraged to help St. George’s be as hospitable to our invited guests.

Here is a copy of the announcement in our Sunday Bulletin this week:

Pentecost Sunday is just one week away! We’re dusting off the pews to accommodate all the folks that we’re bringing to our parish family gathering next Sunday. If you haven’t invited someone yet – please do this week. It’s time for Anglicans to be proud of who we are. We are inclusive, understanding, reconciling and loving people. We are what the world needs – why not share our lives with lots of people? Bring a friend, relative, spouse, child, or someone who has been difficult in your life. It will be a wonderful day for our parish.